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Schneider Electric Backs Australian Energy Transition Initiative

Schneider Electric, the global leader in energy efficiency and digital transformation, welcomes the announcement of the Energy Transitions Initiative and calls on all Australian companies to work towards becoming carbon neutral by 2050.

Schneider Electric will work with participating companies to develop a path toward net zero emissions across industry.

“The technology to achieve this is available now,” said Pacific Zone President, Gareth O’Reilly. “We have already achieved significant increases in energy efficiency and reductions in emissions for corporations across the globe through decarbonisation, electrification, and other energy efficiency solutions.”

“This initiative is vital for our climate and our planet, and every company has a responsibility to take part,” Mr O’Reilly said. “Increasing energy efficiency actually benefits the bottom line, there is no excuse to not contribute to combating climate change.”

“We’re excited to bring our energy management and digital expertise to the Energy Transitions Initiative,” he said. “The technology is available today to help heavy industry reach their sustainability and carbon emissions goals. We’re looking forward to working with these companies to help develop solutions that will work for them.”

The initiative aims to harness industry knowledge to accelerate emissions reductions across whole supply chains. It will focus on five supply chains which contribute more than a quarter of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions; steel, aluminium, liquified natural gas, other metals and chemicals.

The initiative, announced today, is funded by Australian Renewable Energy Agency, supported by the Australian Industry Group and the Australian Industry Greenhouse Network.

Participating companies represent 13.6 per cent of Australian industrial emissions, including BHP, Woodside, BlueScope Steel, BP Australia, Orica, APA Group and Australia Gas Infrastructure Group.

“Schneider Electric has already pledged to become carbon neutral in our operations worldwide by 2025 and to have a net-zero supply chain by 2050,” Mr O’Reilly said.

Schneider Electric has assisted many major Australian companies reduce their carbon footprints. Working with BlueScope Steel, Schneider Electric delivered energy savings and a purchasing agreement for renewable power which reduced the company’s greenhouse gas emissions by 300,000 tons of CO2 a year.

Schneider Electric’s technology and software enables significant improvements in efficiency and energy use. It can also facilitate the transition to renewable energy and the establishment of initiatives such as microgrids. Its Energy and Sustainability Services business partners with leading companies, advising on sustainable strategies and technology including active energy management and power purchasing agreements.

“As well as minimising their own carbon footprint, companies need to ensure their supply chains also work to become carbon neutral if we are going to achieve the targets set out in the Paris Agreement and avoid environmental catastrophe,” Mr O’Reilly said.


This announcement first appeared in the Schneider Electric newsroom. To view the original, click here.