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Schneider Electric Partners with CDP to Provide Global Sustainability Consulting

Schneider Electric has renewed its Accredited Provider partnership with CDP to provide global consultancy services in sustainability and software.

The renewal marks the 12th consecutive year of partnership between Schneider Electric and CDP.

85% of Schneider Electric CDP consulting clients received a Climate disclosure score of “B” or above in 2022.

Schneider Electric, the leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, has announced that it has renewed its partnership with CDP as an Accredited Provider of global sustainability consulting services and sustainability software. This is the 12th year that the company has collaborated with CDP to improve environmental disclosure and reporting in the commercial and industrial sector.

CDP is recognized as the industry gold standard for environmental disclosure, a critical piece of measuring climate action globally. A record 18,700+ companies – including listed companies worth US $60.8 trillion (half of global market capitalization) – have this year disclosed their environmental data through CDP, which is a 38% increase over 2021. As a global partner, Schneider Electric will make its portfolio of climate- and sustainability-related services, including its award-winning EcoStruxure™ Resource Advisor software platform, available to CDP respondents.

Schneider Electric itself reports annually to CDP and has achieved a Climate score of “A” for twelve consecutive years in a row, leading by example and distinguishing itself among respondents. Only 2.2% of nearly 15,000 scored companies achieved the coveted A-score this year. Since 2018, Schneider Electric has reduced its customers' CO2 emissions by 347 million metric tons through the renovation of existing equipment and procurement of renewable energy. The company expects to be carbon neutral in its expanded ecosystem by 2025, five years ahead of its previous 2030 goal.

“Schneider Electric drives companies on their journey from disclosure to environmental leadership by delivering high-valued expertise on managing risks and reducing impacts” said Paul Robins, Head of Partnerships at CDP. “We are delighted to continue our partnership in 2023 with one of CDP’s most long-standing Accredited Solutions Providers.”

Schneider Electric collaborates with thousands of organizations worldwide to manage and disclose their carbon and resource footprints and to strategically reduce resource consumption through innovative data management, energy efficiency, renewable energy procurement, and climate change mitigation strategies. In total, the company manages more than 128 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent on behalf of its clients annually. In 2022, 85% of Schneider Electric’s consulting clients responding to CDP with the company’s help received a Climate disclosure score of “B” or above.

“The time is now for companies to set carbon reduction targets, to proactively reach those targets, and to disclose their progress along the way. With increasing regulations and mounting pressure among investors, customers and other critical stakeholders, companies in all industries are placing a heightened value on sustainability and taking tangible and immediate steps to reduce their environmental impact,” said Mike Fraser, Vice President of Global Sustainability Development for Schneider Electric. “This has been a focus of ours for more than a decade and we are excited to continue our global partnership with CDP to engage and encourage new and returning respondents to accelerate climate action together.”

Schneider Electric works to address the diverse and ever-changing energy and sustainability management needs of commercial, industrial, and institutional organizations globally through its independent and trusted approach to proactive energy management, procurement, risk and ESG strategies. Learn more about Schneider Electric’s advisory services at or follow Schneider Electric Sustainability Business on LinkedIn and Twitter.