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Schneider Electric's Sustainability and Emissions Reduction Journey

Businesses have no time to waste when it comes to reducing their carbon footprint. This is no easy task, as the ominous goal of reaching net-zero emissions by 2050 looms over the planet.

In a recent presentation at a Sustainability Live event, Barry Hurst, Energy & Sustainability Director at Schneider Electric, discussed Schneider’s sustainability and emissions reduction journey, which has led the company to be recognized among the most sustainable companies in the world.

In just 3 years, Schneider Electric has halved our own carbon footprint. But we aren’t settling for reducing emissions only within our walls; we’re dedicated to using our tools to help other companies do the same. Through the Zero Carbon Project, we’re helping our suppliers to decrease their emissions by over 50% in the next 4 years, and through our green products and sustainability consulting services, we support our customers in delivering on their own sustainability ambitions.

Sustainability is not just about the present; by nature, it’s a long-term approach to doing business:

  • Sustainable companies can finance their operations at a lower rate, increasing profitability.
  • Studies show that the top quarter of sustainable companies have experienced a 4-25% increase in revenue for their green products.
  • Over half of new talent has sustainability as their number one consideration when seeking career opportunities.

“When done right, sustainability pays. It is an opportunity, not a threat.”
- Barry Hurst, Energy & Sustainability Director, Schneider Electric


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