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Texas A&M International University Receives $181,000 for Energy Conservation

Texas A&M International University (TAMIU) today announced it is receiving a $181,000 incentive from AEP for its campus-wide energy efficiency project with energy and sustainability expert, Schneider Electric, to streamline facility operations, encourage sustainable behavior and improve the quality of life for its students and staff. This comes amidst the partnership with Schneider Electric to bring the school nearly $15 million in energy savings through sustainable initiatives.

The presentation of the check is taking place during TAMIU’s Earth Week celebration. During Earth Week, students will participate in ‘green’ festivities such as a campus beautification project, recycling and water conservation activities, a green pledges event and a recycled item only runway showcase. The goal of this Earth Week celebration is to inspire students to participate in the University’s sustainability program and to learn how different behaviors can impact the environment.

The partnership between TAMIU and Schneider Electric is being delivered through an Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC) which uses projected energy savings to pay for facility improvements over time. Savings will come from a wide variety of energy conservation measures including:

  • Improving the University’s irrigation system, saving millions of dollars over 20 years
  • Updating plumbing fixtures to minimize water waste on campus
  • Replacing outdated HVAC equipment with chilled water fan coil units, reducing possible points of failure, onsite noise generation, and reducing energy use
  • Interior and exterior LED lighting upgrades
  • Utility meter upgrades to monitor energy use on campus.

“We have been able to generate a significant amount of savings through our work with Schneider Electric to create a more sustainable infrastructure,” said Dr. Pablo Arenaz, president, TAMIU. “We’re proud to show that we are dedicated to enabling energy efficiency and empowering students and faculty in their conservation efforts not only during Earth Week, but every week.”

TAMIU is also the first higher education institution to adopt Schneider Electric’s Conserve My Planet program, which engages and encourages students, professors and staff to take an active role in efficient energy use on campus and at home. Leveraging tools and data analysis from Schneider Electric, TAMIU will implement projects that challenge students in energy efficiency and sustainability subjects, supporting skill development and awareness of environmental issues.

The project builds on Schneider Electric’s expertise in delivering energy efficiency solutions in Texas, having implemented over 242 energy efficiency projects for over $651 million in total achieved savings throughout the state.

Over the past 27 years, Schneider Electric has successfully implemented more than 750 ESPC projects across the nation, saving its clients over $2 billion. This project delivery method helps publicly funded entities make capital improvements over longer payback periods and offers many long-term benefits such as improved facility efficiency, occupant comfort, financial management and environmental protection.