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EP100 Calls On Governments To Address Appliance Efficiency At COP26

(read the full press release here)

EP100 is working in partnership with the UK Government and more than 20 partners to encourage businesses to endorse the Product Efficiency Call to Action, which was culminating on 4th November at the COP26 Energy Day. Vincent Petit, SVP Strategy Prospective and External Affairs and head of Schneider Electric’s Sustainability Research Institute, joined the COP26 event to underline the importance of energy efficiency for any net-zero scenario.  The Call to Action has the potential to be the largest energy efficiency commitment in history, a record currently held by the Global Lighting Challenge. As part of EP100 Schneider Electric is proud to support the super efficient Product Efficiency Call to Action.

Schneider Electric has signed up to the Climate Group's EP100 initiative in December 2017. Schneider Electric’s commitment to the EP100 initiative will see the company double its energy productivity by 2030 against a 2005 baseline. The commitment will revolve around a target to double the economic output from every unit of energy consumed. Leaning on its own technical solutions, including Internet of Things (IoT) systems, Schneider Electric already reduced energy consumption by 10% every three years over the last decade.

Watch this video to learn more about the Product Efficiency Call to Action: